LMS API Documentation  v18.06.0
lms_stream_status_t Struct Reference

#include <LimeSuite.h>

Data Fields

bool active
 Indicates whether the stream is currently active.
uint32_t fifoFilledCount
 Number of samples in FIFO buffer.
uint32_t fifoSize
 Size of FIFO buffer.
uint32_t underrun
 FIFO underrun count.
uint32_t overrun
 FIFO overrun count.
uint32_t droppedPackets
 Number of dropped packets by HW.
float_type sampleRate
 Currently not used.
float_type linkRate
 Combined data rate of all stream of the same direction (TX or RX)
uint64_t timestamp
 Current HW timestamp.

Detailed Description

Streaming status structure

Definition at line 1078 of file LimeSuite.h.

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