LMS API Documentation  v18.06.0
Version and update functions


 Message logging level

Data Structures

struct  lms_dev_info_t


typedef bool(* lms_prog_callback_t) (int bsent, int btotal, const char *progressMsg)
typedef void(* LMS_LogHandler) (int lvl, const char *msg)


API_EXPORT int CALL_CONV LMS_GetProgramModes (lms_device_t *device, lms_name_t *list)
API_EXPORT int CALL_CONV LMS_Program (lms_device_t *device, const char *data, size_t size, const lms_name_t mode, lms_prog_callback_t callback)
API_EXPORT const lms_dev_info_t *CALL_CONV LMS_GetDeviceInfo (lms_device_t *device)
API_EXPORT const char * LMS_GetLibraryVersion ()
 Returns API library version.
API_EXPORT const char *CALL_CONV LMS_GetLastErrorMessage (void)
API_EXPORT void LMS_RegisterLogHandler (LMS_LogHandler handler)

Detailed Description

The functions in this section provides ability to check device version and perform updates

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* LMS_LogHandler) (int lvl, const char *msg)

Callback function for redirecting API messages

lvlMessage logging level.
msgstring containing log message text.

Definition at line 1305 of file LimeSuite.h.

typedef bool(* lms_prog_callback_t) (int bsent, int btotal, const char *progressMsg)

Callback from programming processes

bsentnumber of bytes transferred
btotaltotal number of bytes to send
progressMsgstring describing current progress state
0-continue programming, 1-abort operation

Definition at line 1228 of file LimeSuite.h.

Function Documentation

API_EXPORT const lms_dev_info_t* CALL_CONV LMS_GetDeviceInfo ( lms_device_t device)

Get device serial number and version information

This function returns pointer to internal data structure that gets deallocated when device is closed. Do not attempt to read from it after closing the device. If you need to keep using device info returned by this function after closing the device, make a copy before closing the device.
deviceDevice handle previously obtained by LMS_Open().
pointer to device info structure lms_dev_info_t
API_EXPORT const char* CALL_CONV LMS_GetLastErrorMessage ( void  )

Get the error message detailing why the last error occurred.

use LMS_RegisterLogHandler() to obtain error messages
last error message.
API_EXPORT int CALL_CONV LMS_GetProgramModes ( lms_device_t device,
lms_name_t list 

Get the list of supported programming modes.

deviceDevice handle previously obtained by LMS_Open().
[out]listlist of programming modes (can be NULL).
number of modes in the list, (-1) on failure
API_EXPORT int CALL_CONV LMS_Program ( lms_device_t device,
const char *  data,
size_t  size,
const lms_name_t  mode,
lms_prog_callback_t  callback 

Write binary firmware/bitsteam image to specified device component.

deviceDevice handle previously obtained by LMS_Open().
dataPointer to memory containing firmware/bitsteam image
sizeSize of firmware/bitsteam image in bytes.
modeprogramming mode, use LMS_GetProgramModes to get list of modes
callbackcallback function for monitoring progress
0 on success, (-1) on failure
API_EXPORT void LMS_RegisterLogHandler ( LMS_LogHandler  handler)

Register a new system log handler. Should be called to replace the default stdio handler.

handlerfunction for handling API messages